Client: Gloria Jeans COffee

Gloria Jeans Coffees may be a world wide success but all of its marketing come from one location, Australia. One of those clients with just too much work to show on one page. Prior to the creation of an internal design studio, Gloria Jeans required Vanillacream to work with te Gloria Jeans Marketing for many years on seasonal creative concepting and taking it through to end store shelf and window displays. Projects like the Gloria Jeans Christmas, and the separate Gloria Jeans US Christmas would sometimes take months of dedicated work to complete the projects. Along with seasonal branding came general packaging, cup design, store product posters, sub brand logo design, vehicle branding and much more as well as various online tools.


Posters, window banners, glass decals, shelf flyers, logos, staff training resource booklets, magazine advertising, complete seasonal branding from concept to press, mugs, cups, international cultural specific branding, email templates, website banners.


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