Vanillacream is primarily a service in graphic design & visual communication aka the things you see. As a small studio, we focus on creative communications first & foremost, with a belief in maintaining a top level craftsmanship. Vanillacream designs across the new media market, integrating and combining traditional print based communication systems with new digital environments.


Eromanga Natural History Museum

Branding, Website Design & Build

Brown Brothers

brown brothers

Website creative


We call ourselves a micro studio but we work with big & small brands which is just the way we like it.

Regardless if you are a big or small business we are happy to have a chat. If you are a small business or startup then your just right for us as we are small too.

If you are a big business with internal marketing co-ordination looking to outsource, then quite possibly we are also just what your loooking for.

You may have seen a lot of our work just under a different agencies name. More often than not micro studios work with other larger agencies. We like to be open and honest about who we do work for and who we share work with and where ever possible we have acknoledged other parties. If you have any questions about any of our work please let us know.

Copyright © Vanillacream – Creative Design Services. In reflection of our policy of production transpaerncy we attempt to acknowledge all parties involved in our projects and provide due credit. Any questions relating to these acknowledgements please contact us. Honesty is the best policy.